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Kitchen Power Tools

The right tools can make all the difference. They save you time and money and make eating healthy not only possible but delicious!


The right tools can make all the difference. They save you time and money and make eating healthy not only possible but delicious!

Vitamix Blender

We use our Vitamix daily. Drinks, soups, sauces, mixing up baked goods, etc. We’ve tried other blenders, but the Vitamix is the only blender that will make nut milk in 2 minutes with no straining needed. Because fast always wins.


Pressure cooker (fast cooking), slow cooker (easy meals ahead of time), rice cooker, steamer, yogurt maker, saute settings, and more. Confession: we have two Instant Pots. Our favorite thing to use the Instant Pot for is homemade bone broth. Bones + water +overnight = gut-healing deliciousness.

Food Processor

The food processor makes quick work of salsa, energy balls/bars, nut butter, sauces, pesto, or shredding veggies or raw milk cheese. The food processor shines with dryer ingredients or when you want something coarsely chopped and not pureed (like you would get with the blender.)

Excalibur Dehydrator

This champion of all dehydrators allows temperature control so that you can dehydrate without cooking. We use it the most for dehydrating sprouted nuts, grains, and seeds, but the kids LOVE it when we dry fruit. The best? Partially dehydrating apricots before sending straight to the freezer. Amazing summer treat.


Nursing can be difficult, but it is so worth it! Even just a few weeks is better than nothing, but the right tools (and a wonderful lactation consultant!) can make a big difference in keeping you going.

Countertop Wheat Grinder

This grain mill sits stylishly on the counter, which means we use it 50% more than we would if we had to pull it out of a cabinet every time we wanted to use it. We grind einkorn, Kamut, spelt, and rice for sourdoughs and baked goods.

KitchenAid Dough Mixer

While we are always advocates for getting more exercise, our favorite sourdough recipe calls for 20 minutes of kneading time. If we had to do that by hand every time we wanted bread we’d probably give up. With a KitchenAid, you can suddenly multi-task and make breakfast while you are kneading your bread.

Banneton Baskets + Tools

Baskets and scoring tools take your sourdough to the next level visually. You form your loaf and put it face down in the bowl. After a couple of hours of proof time, flip the bowl over into your hot cast iron pot and score the top with the lame before baking. All of a sudden you look like a professional baker!

Dough Bucket

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